fluid earth
3.5’ x 5’

is a big tangle of collected images and words that can be taken apart, reconfigured, and changed.

it is a modular quilt joined by metal binder clips + grommets, with screenprinted and hand-dyed fabric pieces including embedded materials such as: lemongrass braids, jasmine rice, seaglass, fruit netting, paper, and sushi grass.

i am respecting the mystery

it makes no sense to try to do anything else. there is no sense to be made, either

gabe said it’s like making a quilt, weaving tattered pieces of ancestral knowledge together
it’s just the whole quilt: there is no other way of being than a collage
some of me and some of you,

a pinch of salt makes the onion sweat, thrown into my omelette over a flame too high

i’m distracted thinking about the swans gliding across the lake like a tattered piece over tattered piece

a blanket accumulating the warmth of generations

not knowing is the place i’d like to rest (resting is just gliding)
not knowing is the place i’d like to try, to trust, to treasure

all ways uncertain

other notes on mystery:

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle states that there is inherent uncertainty to the position and momentum of a particle because of it’s wave-like nature. The more we know about a particle’s position, the more uncertain we are about how fast it is moving. Quantum physics does not rest on facts, it rests on probabilities, of experiments and estimates. Science is not about knowing, it is about approximating, predicting.

If we allow ourselves to linger inside our dreams, we can open the door into creating and living in radical new forms of comfort and belonging. This is not an escape from our present reality, we are acknowledging its faults and finding ways to thrive within it. In dreams, we can play out realities that seem absurd and presently inaccessible. In the realm of probabilities, things may seem highly improbable, but things are never impossible. The odds are never zero.

s e e 

m y

d r e a m 


the blur diffuses the binary
the boxes dissolve & flutter
blurry messy blurry messy blurry
no boundaries no borders
fluid earth fluid words

swan mystery quilt altar, 2023
stoneware tile with lemongrass twine, paper thread, copper, bronze, and nickel charms
5.25" x 9" x 0.35"