Sereno’s (dream house) was my fake restaurant, bubble tea cafe, listening room, and sharing space. Guests were invited into the space to enjoy warm milk tea, peruse through the art objects, and converse with the host (me). It existed between April 23-24, 2019 in my studio at Tyler School of Art.

The soundtrack is inspired by the lite radio station that always plays at Siam’s House in Niles, IL.



objects for perusal include: 
soft sculpture bananas, free stickers, S.O.U.P. (Saving Our Universe & Psyche) flags, menus, and Vessel

Vessel is an encyclopedia of the imagery, words, and events that recur in my work. The contents include: prints of objects (a cup of bubble tea, shoes, bao, bananas, a bag, a rice cooker), a sewn checkered fabric, and text. The contents are not meant to be kept in any specific order and may be shuffled around and organized by the guest.

thank you for coming to my dream house!
* * * * * * * *