is a series of risograph postcards, bookmarks, and prints, about...

stones: history lessons from inhabiting a deep geological sense of time. bodies dispersed, eroded, and accumulating.
the forest: exploring the narrative potential in the biodiverse entanglement, growth and decay.
the ocean: darkness, mystery, magic, joy, and surviving within fluid, deep unknown waters



six 4”x6” postcards; each is a 3-color risograph, double sided. available for purchase as a set or individual cards.

topics covered include... lake michigan fossils, emotional powers of darkness, waterfalls, and a forest imagination exercise.


4-color risograph print
on 8.5” x 11” paper.

a very good luck charm.


dinner party

3-color risograph on
lightweight 8.5” x 11” paper.

a call to embrace the messiness of the kitchen, of the weeds growing in between cracks of the sidewalk, of the plastic bags blowing across the road.

bookmark set

set of 3 single-color risograph bookmarks:

puncture is about the earth fracturing as a restorative process, climate change, my skin peeling, my body bleeding. wallows is about buffalo wallows in the prairie and petrichor (the scent after it rains). wonders is about really big trees and growing into my really big shadow.