somewhere, elsewhere was an 8 foot cube that rested in the interstices: a resting place in between daily life and diasporic utopia, a rest stop in between the land of nostalgia and an imaginative future.


Banana leaves floated in like boats or clouds above, and strange objects washed up ashore: soy milk containers filled with jasmine rice that resonate with the sound of rain, a pomegranate rigged up to a coconut milk can picked up transmissions from a distant radio station, and oranges pulsated with warm light.


You could rest on a soft cushioned rug that, like a portal, transported you nowhere but here. You could listen to music, look through zines, play with objects, and participate in exchanges with others.

MFA Thesis Exhibition at Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Photos taken by Alec Logan Smith
Models: Toby Meyer and Nico Lepeska-True    


the curiosity communication shelf . . .

the ceramic orange rattles with indistinct messages . . .

when held up to the ear, the coconut milk can replays episodes of Radio Sereno for all of eternity . . .

the library

the clouds float in with reading material! 
4 zines were available for exchange

︎︎ hope you enjoyed your stay! ︎︎
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