Teaching . . . .

I teach classes and workshops on printmaking, zines, and book arts.
Art should be for EVERYONE and I am committed to democratizing this knowledge that is kept behind institutional gates. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, want to collaborate, or just chat.

at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Philadelphia, PA, Fall 2019 I taught basic to advanced screenprinting techniques and designed projects that pushed  students in image-making and conceptual development.Techniques included: screenprinting with paper stencils, drawing fluid, and photoemulsion (bitmapping + hand-drawn transparencies); flop and pin registration. I encourage material experimentation, mixed-media, installation work, and bookmaking. 

2D CORE SEMINAR in ILLUSTRATION at Parsons School of Design, The New School, Fall 2022 In this semester-long online course for sophomore illustration majors, we developed  critical reading and discussion skills in 2D design foundational theory, art history, and current events. Exploring the relationship between text and images within the expanding field of illustration, we had projects based in creative research, collaboration, and project ideation + organization.

CUSTOM COPIES:Making Zines from Everyday Ephemeraat Women’s Studio Workshop, Summer Art Institute, Rosendale, NY, 2021This free-form, project-based class took a deep dive into examining and restructuring the printed materials that surround our daily lives: takeout menus, calendars, food packaging, napkins, t-shirts, and more! How can these ubiquitous forms be used as inspiration for new hybrid art objects and zines? In this class, we used humor and absurdity to make zines and collage our everyday experiences on paper. Using fast and easy DIY printing techniques like carbon paper transfers, Xerox printing, and screenprinting, we duplicated forms as blank canvases for our own creative ideas.
Student examples:
BREAKING THE GRID by Carlie Waganer
PLAY WITH ME by Laurie Berenhaus

PAPERMAKING with old clothes
at Vox Populi, part of Please Save Our Earth! Programming, Philadelphia, PA, 2021In this 2 hour workshop, participants learned the process of making paper using paper pulp made from secondhand cotton clothes scraps, and were able to take sheets home with them!

at the Soapbox Community Print Shop and Zine Library, Philadelphia, PA, 2020-2021This is a 2 hour workshop on how to make and organize educational, activist, or resource sharing zines. In a world of community care and mutual aid, we all have talents and knowledge to share and offer. With the proliferation of Instagram slideshows and digital guides, how do we translate back into the physical realm and organize our skills into zines for distribution? In this discussion and making class, we will learn about information design and simple zine structures. With these skills in our tool belts, we will be equipped to make zines that will support, inform, and help ourselves and our community survive.
Examples of zines started in this class:
How to get to know your neighbor
All about Gender Pronouns
How to Listen

How to Make Yogurt

Bookbinding, Unwinding 
at School of the Alternative, Black Mountain, NC, 2019 and 2020
This was an online workshop in 2020. As books and paper are very politically charged with history, we will be binding small books, unwinding histories, creating a new place for new or lesser known histories to exist. Supplies needed: a needle, thread (preferably a little thicker), and 10-20 sheets of blank paper, whatever fun paper you have around, a small piece of cardboard, & scissors.
I also facilitated small “gas class” about bookbinding in 2019 in-person at SotA, and a collaborative zine/comics gas class. pictures below!