hi, my name is serena hocharoen. i make spaces, playlists, and objects for curiosity, gathering, and sharing stories. my practice is about diasporic restlessness, ruminating on dreams: remembering and forgetting comfort, belonging, and transcendence.

i also enjoy
︎ designing things
︎ sharing skills and ideas.

i am a child of Thai immigrant parents and grew up on the stolen land of the Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Odawa tribes, the Chicagoland area where i am currently based.

i am a part-time lecturer at the new school, and also teach workshops atthe digs and evanston art center


you can reach me at shocharoen@gmail.com
this is my CV

other places where you can find me include:
︎ S--H this is my blog
︎ World of Text ~ please contribute to my world of text!
︎ instagram