plates + bowls

another green world (with bell)

small short bowl with a single bell, attached like seaweed on a rock.

warmer winters

a small short bowl with symmetrical singing bells. i’ve been thinking of climate collapsing, abount fracturing ice sheets, about listening.
text reads:
“warmer winters / whole world splinters”

this bowl has the most resonant bells, withthe most beautiful sound.

stone plate (pond)

irregular shaped pond -- good size for a snack or small meal. as seen in this feast.


stone plate (whole)

sligthly smaller plate, molded from a round rock, an island in the stream. as seen in this feast.


welcome to the archive. all pieces here have been sold, but i am open to remaking them for commission :~)

see my dream goblet

after silver pozzoli

salvation mug

“The Salvation of Man is through Love and in Love
viktor frankl in man’s search for meaning

picnic cup

we can take a walk,
we can go wherever

bear in the forest cup

for wish wandering in the forest 

tablet cup

cup depicting ancient flower and siren slab tablets that washed ashore

go bang! bowl

i wanna see!
all my friends at once!!!

midnight bowl

i would love to leisure
⌒・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆

endless dessert dish

૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡

world wind bowl

when i hear people talking about plans of working together soon i believe

deep bowl

a bowl good for a deep salad or.. a deep cereal?

4” tall
4.5” wide

shelter platter

after buson

8” widest
0.75” tall

salt cellar

small lidded form for you to keep small things in. the lid wobbles a little...

shell tray

for diana and marvin

tulip candleholder set

a set of two tulip candleholders for you today

a flower vase

an eternal blooming vase

cherry siren cup

hello world

my favorite cup i’ve ever made

you and me both goblet

sweet dark clay cup ~~ for you and me both

that’s us/
wild combination mug

that’s you, in the pool
swimmer, what a winner

devil on my shoulder mug

i’ve got a devil on my shoulder
and an angel too

siren on the rocks cup

be evil choose chaos ;)

bell hooks bowl

understanding that death is always with us can serve as the faithful reminder that the time to do what we feel called to do is always now and not in some distant and unimagined future.”
from all about love

lucky cloud bowl

a little rain, a lot of fun

trillium bowl

a spring ephemeral wildflower to help weather the storm

2.5” tall
6.25” wide

ant bowl

a larger bowl for picnics, noodles, salads, etc. etc!!

2.5” tall
6.5” wide

ladder platter

hop on board ︎ :~)

8” widest
0.75” tall

small siren bowl

a bowl for winter, salt sticking to my boots

1.75” tall
4.75” wide

spring time bowl


butterfly soapdish

for david

swamp berry bowl

light and dark


world wind planter

a pot for a plant to grow

swamp time goblet

swamp time is slow and drags your feet through mud and tangled weeds. this cup is good for tea with your fellow goblins.

reaching cup

reaching up reaching out
(cup is slightly warped / not perfectly round :*)

seaside greeting cup

small cup for all who wash up ashore彡★

rodeo clown cup

i’m your biggest fan

meteor dream bowl

a nice shallow bowl dedicated to a dream about a meteor shower

picnic bowl

for lying in the grass

alltogether bowl

after miss expanding universe, the world wide web, and the big moon

believing bowl

i go for a swim ︎︎︎

weeping cherry bowl

something new / spring / you + me both

2.25” tall
5.5” wide

big shell tray

for tatsuro

tiny whirlpool bowl

small bowl fit for sauces, emerging from the swamp

flower candleholder set

flicker flicker
a set of two candleholders

swamp butterfly tray


waiting tea set

set for a single serving of tea. includes: flower-shaped tea strainer, small tray for placing tea strainer, and a cup that is also a pitcher.

let’s go swimming bud vase

hand-sized vase fits a wax candle perfectly too :~)

individual cups

each cup is one of a kind. dishwasher + microwave safe.

perfect picture

a medium-large cup for looking forward to happier times...

look ! (beyond) 

a small cup for gazing into a portal into the beyond

w.i.n.g. cup

a double-sided cup to contemplate transformation and freedom

sea sludge

this mug washed ashore with covered in mud, shells and barnacles attached.

star gazer

for one wish

(with bells)

small cup that sings to you -

sticky note

this cup washed ashore with anenomes and barnacles attached.

junk portal

this cup washed ashore with anenomes and barnacles, as well. what do they have to tell you?


a collection of shell imprints decorate this cup.


bjork said it best.
i am also thinking about this eagle by the river.

((earthly rage))

a short cup, a container for earthly rage.


cup sets

the cups below come in sets of 2-3, and cannot be sold separately.
perfect for tea time, a date, or to split amongst your best friends.


more messy duo

two small teacups.
deep dive into the mess.

 slip slip trio

3 cup set about transformative processes: erosion, dispersion, accumulation

landslide duo

two cups, two different clays.
fluid motion, fluid earth.

present presence duo

two cups for the gift of today!!

glistening trio

3 cups about water falling and wind moving.

accumulating duo

two cups about collecting rocks.

 burrow duo

two short cups of burrowing ants.