welcome to the archive. all pieces here have been sold, but i am open to remaking them for commission :~)

see my dream goblet

after silver pozzoli

picnic cup

we can take a walk,
we can go wherever

bear in the forest cup

for wish wandering in the forest

3” tall
3” wide

endless dessert dish

૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡

world wind bowl

when i hear people talking about plans of working together soon i believe

shell tray

for diana and marvin

cherry siren cup

hello world

my favorite cup i’ve ever made

that’s us/
wild combination mug

that’s you, in the pool
swimmer, what a winner

lucky cloud bowl

a little rain, a lot of fun

spring time bowl


butterfly soapdish

for david

swamp berry bowl

light and dark


world wind planter

a pot for a plant to grow

has drainage holes but no drain tray. good size for a small to medium plant

3.5” tall
5.25” wide

swamp time goblet

swamp time is slow and drags your feet through mud and tangled weeds. this cup is good for tea with your fellow goblins.

seaside greeting cup

small cup for all who wash up ashore彡★

alltogether bowl

after miss expanding universe, the world wide web, and the big moon

believing bowl

i go for a swim ︎︎︎

big shell tray

for tatsuro

tiny whirlpool bowl

small bowl fit for sauces, emerging from the swamp

1.5” tall
2.75” wide