individual cups

each cup is one of a kind. dishwasher + microwave safe.

perfect picture

a medium-large cup for looking forward to happier times...

look ! (beyond) 

a small cup for gazing into a portal into the beyond

w.i.n.g. cup

a double-sided cup to contemplate transformation and freedom

sea sludge

this mug washed ashore with covered in mud, shells and barnacles attached.

star gazer

for one wish

(with bells)

small cup that sings to you -

sticky note

this cup washed ashore with anenomes and barnacles attached.

junk portal

this cup washed ashore with anenomes and barnacles, as well. what do they have to tell you?


a collection of shell imprints decorate this cup.


bjork said it best.
i am also thinking about this eagle by the river.

((earthly rage))

a short cup, a container for earthly rage.


cup sets

the cups below come in sets of 2-3, and cannot be sold separately.
perfect for tea time, a date, or to split amongst your best friends.


more messy duo

two small teacups.
deep dive into the mess.

 slip slip trio

3 cup set about transformative processes: erosion, dispersion, accumulation

landslide duo

two cups, two different clays.
fluid motion, fluid earth.

present presence duo

two cups for the gift of today!!

glistening trio

3 cups about water falling and wind moving.

accumulating duo

two cups about collecting rocks.

 burrow duo

two short cups of burrowing ants.